About Me

My name is Andrew Mark Braach; born and raised in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I love to use my voice to entertain. Whether performing a song or recording voice over work, my hope is for people to enjoy what they hear.

My musical focus is mainly traditional country songs. I’ve been singing Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. since I was eight years old, but love singing Lefty, Merle and Buck too. I am a fan of all the oldies and the outlaws, and I also have written a few of my own songs along the same style. I’ve enjoyed singing in honky tonks and show houses, senior centers and airports, festivals and fund raisers.

I believe my voice is one of my strengths, so I also love working in voice over. I currently have a demo for commercials and am working towards opportunities with character voices.

I am an entertainer with low vision due to albinism and am on the autism spectrum. I think this adds a uniqueness to what I offer, but I hope it also serves to inspire others to find their uniqueness in what they are passionate about.

Awards & Accomplishments

2023 Borderless Arts Young Soloist Finalist

2022 Arc TN Work Initiative Award

2020 Borderless Arts Young Soloist Champion and Fan Favorite

Featured in Breaking Ground Magazine and Connection Newsletter

Part of the 2020 "I Am Determined" Able Voices project

CanvasRebel article

Music Video

Good Hearted Woman

In 1969, while staying a motel in Ft Worth, TX, Waylon Jennings saw an advertisement in a newspaper promoting Tina Turner as a "good hearted woman loving two-timing men". Jennings went to Willie Nelson, who was in a middle of a poker game, about writing a song based on that phrase. Joining the game, he and Nelson expanded the lyrics as Nelson's wife Connie wrote them down.

Photo by Amanda Johnson Photography
Photo by Amanda Johnson Photography

Voice Over

Commercial Demo

Produced by Joe Loesch - The Nashville Voice Over Academy

Upcoming Events


Lookin' Back

Apr. 25 - National Anthem, Nashville Sounds

April 2023 Saddle Up fundraiser for the Ann Campbell Early Learning Center

May 2023 - Montana trip